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Among the 10 agencies chosen by the French government to manage the €35 billion “Investments for the future” program, CDC manages close to €6.8 billion for the following action lines:

Action Line Description Budget in million €
Financing the social economy Reinforcing the capital structure of 2,000 companies operating in this sector under a logic of public-private partnership, to create or maintain 60,000 jobs 100
Vocational training 1) modernizing vocational training by creating, extending or renovating training centres targeted at young workers who combine apprenticeships in a company with vocational education at a vocational school
2) creating housing for these young workers, either within the training centres or outside
SATT speeding up technology transfer 900
France Brevets €100 million investment fund fully dedicated to patents promotion and monetization in Europe (€50 million provided by the government and €50 million by CDC)  50
Fonds National d’Amorçage Fund managed by Caisse des Dépôts subsidiary CDC Entreprises, set up by the French government to provide capital to funds investing in companies developing innovative technologies that generate competitive advantages, jobs and economic activity. 600
Pôles de compétitivité : shared innovation platforms Shared innovation platforms offer companies, especially small and medium-sized companies, accessed to shared development, experimentation and testing facilities, including human resources and associated services,  in a « living labs » approach 50
Promotion and support of innovative digital products, content and services – Fonds National pour la Société Numérique (FSN)

  • Ultra-high speed networks
  • New innovative services
Support to networks in scarcely populated areas, networks operated by local/regional authorities, and satellite technologies

Grants & loans to support R&D support in the field of:
– Digital technologies (nano electronics, embedded software)
– Cloud computing
– Valorization and digitization of content
– Network security and resilience
– e-Education
– e-Health
– Digital cities
– Intelligent transport systems

Eco-Cities Designing, implementing and testing strategies for the city of tomorrow, with a focus on setting up transversal strategies for urban sustainable development in 19 focus cities 850
Fonds Eco-Technologies Minority investment in innovative SMEs, mainly based in France, in four areas :

  • renewable energy and “green” chemical processes
  • waste valorization, depollution, eco design of products
  • smart grids
  • vehicle of the future

PERICLES operates within the framework of activities to “promote and support innovative digital products, content and services”, managed by the national fund for the digital economy (Fonds National pour la Société Numérique – FSN)