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Executive committee, in charge of making overall decisions for the project:

  • Jacques Dang (HEC) – chair
  • Bernard Michon / Carole Schorle-Stefan (UOH)
  • Nasser Khelifa (Altran)
  • Florence Ducreau
  • Gérard Casanova

Management committee, in charge of day-to-day operations, with a representative from each partner:

  • Daniel Abecassis / Florence Ducreau (AUNEGE)
  • Jacques Dang (HEC) / Anne-Marie Husson (Le Préau CCI Paris Ile-de-France)
  • Bernard Michon / Carole Schorle-Stefan / Gérard Casanova (UOH)
  • Anne Boyer / Azim Roussanaly (LORIA)
  • Régis Lhoste (Sailendra)
  • Antoine Dubost (e-Charlemagne)
  • Naji Abboud (Demos)
  • Nasser Khelifa (Altran)

Permanent secretariat for both committees, headed by Martine Ayeau-Beauplet, project manager.

Representatives from associate partners and international experts can be invited to participate in meeting of both committees to share their experience and expertise.