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Developing a prototype tool “e-pericles” enabling Higher Education Institutions to implement an internal quality assurance approach based on criteria of their choosing
Trialling out the e-Pericles tool with over 5,000 pilot users (students, faculty members, management of institutions, …)
Seamless integration of the e-Pericles tool within the IT infrastructure of Higher Education Institutions with other components such as LMS, ERP, directories, back-office systems, e-portfolios, based on existing norms and standards, and using an open-source approach
Formulating recommendations for additional learning training experiences, based on industry sector competency frameworks and learner e-portfolios as well as on learning traces
Publishing through the Pericles observatory anonymized data on quality assurance criteria used by higher education institutions and training providers, both at an aggregate level across Europe, and broken down according to countries, industry sectors, company sizes, allowing institutions and companies to benchmark themselves within their specific sector against institutions with the same characteristics
Exploring opportunities for the transfer of the tool to foreign universities, with a specific focus on the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and China.